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Worm Gear: A Small Teethed Device With Great Holding Power

Posted by Admin on October, 26, 2021

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is quite identical to bronze. The metal brass possesses a number of properties and therefore it is applied in various applications and is largely used as a popular alloy. The proportion of the metals copper and zinc in the alloy brass indicates its applicability for different purposes, hence it can be altered accordingly.

Brass has a wide application for decorative and mechanical purposes. Because of the unique properties it bears, numerous industries use brass products while setting their plants. Not only this, brass has a number of applications domestically as well, in form of cooking utensils.

Worm Gear
A gear is a machine part that has cut teeth or inserted teeth in case of a gear wheel, that rotates in a circular motion. A device that is geared, can change the direction, speed and torque of a powered source. The basic principle of gears is similar to the basic principles of levers. The tooth of one gear mesh with the tooth of another gear to convert speed and torque.

A shaft like structure that comprises a spiral thread that helps to pull a toothed wheel is called an industrial brass worm gear. Basically patterned like an old gear, a worm gear consists of curved and slightly angled teeth. Comparable to a conventional spur gear, the brass worm gear is the simplest version of gears.

The worm gear modifies the motion rotationally in 90 degrees. Along with the changing worm, placed on the worm wheel, the motion plane also keeps changing. A brass worm gear is always a preferred option of the metal in itself. The wheel is made of brass and the worm of steel.

Application of Worm Gear
There are a number of explanations for selecting a worm gear over a standard gear.

• With very small work done, worm gear can help with a significant reduction ratio with an added wheel in the circumference. This can highly boost the torque or immensely decrease the speed.
• The worm gear is incapable of reversing the power orientation. As per the friction between the wheel and the worm is concerned, it is impossible for the wheel to start the movement of the worm.
• The worm gears are also applied in elevators, lifts and hoists for their stopping and holding capability without an external brake.
• The worm gear is also very common in industries of airports and theatres as the worm gear motors provide a comparatively quieter operation. It possesses a smoother and quieter functioning between the gear teeth in the worm.
• A worm gear is also common in the equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging industries. The work gear is suitable for these equipment because of the fewer sets of gear that can achieve high gear ratios. The gearboxes of smaller sizes require less space and hence they are also space savers.
There are several companies in India, that are engaged as brass worm gear manufacturers and also as suppliers. They claim of offering their products at a highly competitive rate and recognising the requirements of the clients by offering superior quality products. The brass made worm gear they produce are 60 millimetres thick with a polished finishing. These companies accept a minimum ordering quantity of 1000 pieces at a price of rupees 150 per piece.

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